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Margaret & AJ’s Sunny Winter Wedding

It’s almost time.  The sun is streaming through the stained-glass window, filling the church with a soft orange glow. Margaret is walking down the aisle with her dad. She is breathtaking and there are very few dry eyes in attendance. Several minutes later, Deacon Pete begins the homily for the wedding Mass with a question....

Megan & Dave’s Elegant Winter Wedding

It’s Saturday January 28th. It’s Ryan and my sixth anniversary and we’re packed up to photograph Megan and Dave’s wedding day. The snow is sparkling outside and the sun is shining. Inside her parent’s house, Megan’s nieces and nephews and sweet dog are all hanging out in various stages of readiness. Soon, everyone is heading...

Rachel & Jeffrey’s Outdoor Michigan Wedding

“I pray that today is the day you love each other the least: that you’ll grow to love each other more and more as time goes on.”   Alex, one of Jeffrey’s best men, touched on the reality of love, weddings, and marriage. The statement is jarring at first. But, it’s true. The wedding day...

Trent & Tessie Ivey: A Michigan Summer Wedding

The wedding party dances in and the energy level in the reception hall rises significantly. Next, the newlyweds, Tessie & Trent Ivey, dance their way through the crowd and onto the dance floor. The bridal party is coming back to the dance floor to join them. Tessie’s smile lights up the room, dresses are swishing...

Anna & JJ: Elegant July Wedding

In their vows, both Anna and JJ tenderly recounted the very beginning of their relationship. Anna thought JJ was cute. Anna’s friend told JJ. And that is the beginning of their story. Last Saturday they began their marriage, with a beautiful Ceremony at Connection Church in Canton followed by an elegant and fun reception at...

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    Isabelle & Robert’s Whimsical Wedding

    The best man’s emotional speech is near the end. After sharing tender memories about always himself and the groom wanting to spend every waking moment with each other as children, he is sharing his advice now to the newlyweds, Robert and Isabelle. “My words of advice for you are go. Go and enjoy your marriage....

    Elegant May Wedding: Gaby & Kevin

    The dresses are done being steamed, guests are arriving, and boutonnieres are being pinned.
    The bridesmaids are ushered out of the bridal suite so that Gaby, the most graceful bride, can read a letter from Kevin.

    James & Teresa’s Snowy December Wedding

    The bride, Teresa, and her bridesmaids have just arrived at the church. The snow is picking up and the roads are slick. James, the groom, isn’t at the church yet. We get ahold of one of the groomsmen and find out that there’s an accident and they are running late. That isn’t the last logistical...

    Fall Michigan Wedding: Joe & Amy

    The reception hall is filled with laughter as Joe’s best man, Tyler, tells tales of Joe in his younger days. After the laughter dies down, Tyler continues. He is speaking about the “at lasts.” At last, Amy has her beloved dog and her horse. At last, Joe and Amy are married. At last, they get...

    Marin Wedding Celebration

    After Emmaleigh and Zachary’s first dance, Emmaleigh begins to dance with her grandfather. Emmaleigh’s father passed away when she was young. Her grandfather had the honor of walking her down the aisle. A minute into the song, Emmaleigh’s aunt and mom are walking onto the dance floor with Emmaleigh’s uncle. Her uncle trades places with...


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