Margaret & AJ’s Sunny Winter Wedding

It’s almost time. 

The sun is streaming through the stained-glass window, filling the church with a soft orange glow.

Margaret is walking down the aisle with her dad. She is breathtaking and there are very few dry eyes in attendance.

Several minutes later, Deacon Pete begins the homily for the wedding Mass with a question. He asks if anyone had actually looked at AJ, the groom, as the bride walked down the aisle.

Those in attendance who did watch AJ as his bride walked down the aisle towards him saw the joy radiating from AJ amidst the tears running down his cheeks.

Deacon Pete wasn’t done. Like any good preacher, he asked the question to make a point.

He continued, explaining that how AJ looked, bursting with joy, excitement, and emotion, is exactly how Jesus looks at each one of us. The palpable love that AJ has for Margaret pales in comparison to Jesus’ love for us.

This comparison is incredibly profound and helpful to remember. As faithful Catholics and Christians, Margaret and AJ know that the success of their relationship is directly impacted by their relationship with Jesus, as individuals and a married couple.


Margaret and AJ,

Thank you for letting us play a small role in your wedding. It has been a true honor to work with you two throughout your engagement and now on your wedding day. We thank Jesus for the opportunity to celebrate you both and we are always praying for you both on your journey through marriage.

All our love,

Sarah & Ryan


Of course, we can’t forget the incredible vendors who helped create a magical day for Margaret and AJ. 

Venue: Fox Hills Golf Course & Banquet Center 

Florist: Daisy Designs

Cake: Gwen’s Cake Decorating & Etc.

DJ: Jake’s Sound & Light 

Bridal Gown: Beloved Bridal 

Hair & Makeup: The Makeup Loft 

Videography: Joseph Miller Videography 



Sarah & Ryan Photography LLC
PhotographyS &R