Intimate May Wedding: Alarik & Angela

The bridal party is hiding, filled with nervous excitement, behind the corner of a building. Alarik stands facing the impressive pine trees and blue lake behind Concordia University in Ann Arbor, MI.

His bride, Angela, is beaming with excitement as she holds her bouquet in one hand and dress in the other. They are so ready to see one another. She slowly, gracefully walks up to him, taps him on the shoulder, and they share a beautiful moment together.

Ryan and I hid as far away as we could, snapping away. I always get teary eyed during such intimate moments; I just can’t help it. I’m not sure if Ryan does, but I know he shares the same feeling of being so completely honored to be witnesses to beautiful, intimate moments like these ones.

Angela and Alarik celebrated their wedding day and beginning of their marriage with only their closest family members and friends. They had their family present in person, others present in spirit, and many others watching on Facebook live.


Angela & Alarik,

We are so honored to know you and to have been a small part of your wedding day. Your love and commitment to each other and to Jesus is inspiring. You have demonstrated tremendous grace under pressure. A wedding in the time of a pandemic? You changed plans in probably almost every way, but you did not let it detract from the joy, importance, and excitement of your wedding day. Your wedding day was so beautiful, from every small detail like the flowers and programs, to your intimate first look, to the tear-jerking song that you played during your ceremony, and the heartfelt speeches from your closest family members. We are so excited to see what life holds for you, wherever you are and however you are serving Jesus. Thank you for letting us be witnesses to your wedding and celebrate with you.


Sarah & Ryan



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