A Spring Engagement: Katelin & Chris

The sun is shining through the trees. The leaves are finally green. Katelin smiles as she and Chris snuggle up to each other during our spring-time engagement session in Depot Town in Ypsilanti.

People walk by, keeping their distance, but smiling. An engagement session right after the brunt of a pandemic felt odd, but so refreshing and hopeful! The sound of children playing and laughing outside lifted everyone’s spirits.

Our first session back could not have been more perfect! A beautiful, joyful couple, sunshine, blooming trees, and the couple’s dog, made for a wonderful combination.

Katelin and Chris will be married this October with their family and friends. After covid, they are so ready. Their lives have been rocked by the pandemic, and yet, I never heard a discouraging word from them. Even as Katelin’s salon was shut down and as she eagerly awaits its re-opening, she has been incredibly positive. Ryan and I admire Chris and Katelin’s positivity, determination, and kindness amidst this chaotic year. 

We left their engagement session feeling renewed and refreshed. We also left awaiting a photo of Katelin and Chris’s three-person kayak. She sent me a photo of it the next day, and it sure looked as impressive as it sounded!

October cannot come fast enough. We are so excited for Katelin and Chris to be able to celebrate their wedding and marriage with those they love.



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