Elegant Summer Wedding: Josh & Elizabeth

“As long as there’s food and dancing, I don’t care how the rest of the day goes.”

Josh and Elizabeth, the newlyweds of one hour, sat in the bride’s getting ready room following the bustle of family formals and bridal party portraits for a welcome break in the air conditioning.

It was peaceful. The bride, groom, the bride’s mother, and the bride’s sister, Ryan and I talked and laughed. We ate bread that the bride’s mother, Cara, had made. We all tried to rapidly re-hydrate with water and lemonade. Ryan and I showed them images on our cameras of how beautiful they are. We rested.

That moment can be so very rare on wedding days. A true rest. Not a quick break in the car on the way to the reception or bustling around gathering family members. Just being.

When I look back on Josh & Elizabeth’s wedding day, I do remember her breathtaking wedding gown, the dapper suits, the gorgeous flowers, the moving ceremony, the tender moments before she walked down the aisle with her father, the boisterous and loving family members, and their elegant covid-adjusted reception.

But what remains in my mind as the most memorable part of the day is the love between and radiating from Josh & Elizabeth.

Elizabeth is so graceful. Josh is so gentle and loving with his bride. They are so joyful. They are intentional. Everything Elizabeth touches is beautiful and full of light. Josh beams with joy as he introduces his wife to his steadfast friends. They are tender with each other.


Josh & Elizabeth,

We could not be more excited for you two as you begin your married life. Ryan and I know that you will grow and learn how to love each other with the love of Christ each and every day. Marriage is such a joyful, gritty, roller-coaster with tears and laughter. We are so confident that you will face each and every joy and challenge with grace. With so much love, Sarah & Ryan.





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