Intimate Ann Arbor Winter Wedding

The music begins to play.

Harrison walks to the middle of his parent’s living room to dance with his wife, Monica.

His family and friends are gathered around. Meanwhile, Monica’s family and friends are watching from Cape Town, South Africa, from the computer set on a chair. They embrace, spin, and move together as one.

The room is so full of emotion. You can feel it in the air. The emotional tension breaks through laughter and smiles.

Harrison and Monica,

We are so inspired by you. We are awestruck by your faith in and love for God and one another. This love is stronger than distance, more beautiful than any Church, scaffolding or no scaffolding, and a more impactful witness than words could be. Monica, your pure joy is breathtaking. Harrison, your solid faith is inspiring. We are so grateful that we could freeze outside for your portraits with you, laugh and cry with your family and friends, participate in Mass with you, and play a very small role in celebrating your wedding day. We cannot wait to see what your future holds!

Much love,

Sarah & Ryan



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