Life with S & R: Lucy Mae

As I sit with my baby girl here on my lap sleeping, I realize we haven’t updated our blog recently on our life!

2021 started off with a bang and it certainly hasn’t stopped!

January 1st started off as peaceful Friday.

By 2:35 am on January 2nd, we were holding our baby girl in our arms.

Our sweet baby girl decided to arrive on her due date after 45 minutes of active labor, before our midwife could arrive!

It was crazy, intense, peaceful, and honestly? It was perfect.

I wouldn’t change anything. Well, maybe I would change one thing. I would have our sweet Aunt Susan arrive earlier to photograph her actual birth.

Lucy Mae,

you are a beautiful little force of nature.

For the first week, we snuggled, ate wonderful food from visiting friends, and enjoyed our time together as a family of four before Ryan started working again.

Since then, we’ve been settling into a whole new family rhythm. Michael has fully embraced his role as big brother, although he would rather call her “guacamole,” a nickname she received while in the womb, than call her Lucy.

Ryan has settled into his new day job as a product engineer and I’m still enjoying my moments at home with my baby girl before returning to my nursing job.

One of the sweetest things about this stage of life is that so many of my friends have also been welcoming babies. Some of them have been born just days before or after our Lucy was born! It is such a blessing to have a community of people who are in the same stage of life as you!

We have more changes coming for our little family in the near future, so I’ll have to work on doing a better job updating these blog posts!

Until next time!


Much love,

Sarah, Ryan, Michael, and Lucy Mae



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