Mr. & Mrs. Adriel & Hallie Gonzalez

Hallie & Adriel were married on a brisk February day at St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church in Ann Arbor. If you know Hallie & Adriel, even a little bit, you know that God is at the forefront of their relationship and will be in their marriage as well. When we met to discuss their wedding, Hallie told me many times that the focus of their day was on the Mass and that was certainly true. Their wedding day fell on the weekend when the Catholic Church celebrates the feast of Candlemas and Hallie and Adriel wanted to incorporate this into their wedding. Instead of flowers, the bridal party processed into the dark church holding candles. Then, they lit the candles of the congregation before Hallie walked in with her father. It was one of the most awe-inducing and profound moments I’ve witnessed in a wedding and it was beyond beautiful! 

Another thing that I loved about Hallie and Adriel’s wedding day was how immensely they are loved by their families. Their siblings, parents, grandparents, and extended relatives welcomed them with open arms, laughter, and so much joy. During their reception, Hallie and Adriel began their first dance as Hallie’s brother Joe took the mic and started singing their first dance song. It was the sweetest surprise for all of their guests! But, it didn’t stop there! Hallie’s brother Harrison sang as Hallie and her father shared a tender dance together and then Adriel’s sisters serenaded Adriel and his mother during their dance, and blowing us all away! 

This blog showcases just a few of our favorite images from Hallie & Adriel’s wedding day, from the first look with her father, to her fabulous shoes, to their beautiful candle-lit procession, and more! 



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