Intimate Ann Arbor Wedding

Andrew & Kris

She held her bouquet tightly.

I could hear the rustle of the flower girls’ dresses as they moved down the hallway.

His hands were folding tightly in front of him.

It was almost time.

Their guests sat in the church, waiting.

He looked up as his bride, Kris, softly met him with an embrace and a kiss.

Then they walked down the aisle, together.

Their families and friends watched in quiet anticipation as Andrew and Kris were married in an intimate wedding in the heart of Ann Arbor.


Kris and Andrew’s brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, parents, friends, and lots and lots of nieces and nephews celebrated with them. Their guest list had decreased in light of the building pandemic. Nonetheless, their wedding day was forever memorable.

Andrew and Kris, the newlyweds, walked together, hand in hand, outside beneath the cloudy sky.

Kris’s shoes began to sink into the mud and she laughed.

They were married. It was just the beginning of their life together.

With pride and love, they showed us their beautiful and classic rings. The rings belonged to Kris, the bride’s, parents who had already passed on.  

They were not forgotten.

Not only did the rings incorporate their loved ones, photos of their loved ones graced the reception next to the beautiful flowers from English Gardens. Their reception was complete with multi-colored confetti on the tables, a relaxed buffet, and dancing.


Andrew and Kris, 

We were so honored to witness your intimate and beautiful wedding. We are so grateful that you trusted us take you outside into the muddy field. It was muddy, cloudy, and chilly, and you took it on with grace. We will never forget how you handled a stressful turn of events with so much wisdom, patience, and grace. The fact that your wedding took place amidst a brewing pandemic is only one of the reasons we will always remember it so fondly. We know that you will absolutely LOVE marriage.



Sarah & Ryan




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