Isabelle & Robert’s Downtown Ann Arbor Engagement

Isabelle & Robert are rockstars. When Isabelle reached out to me, she mentioned that she wanted their wedding to be whimsical, playful, and fun. There will be lots of kids there and the reception will be at Greenfield Village. Thank goodness they love kids, because they certainly got to know one of ours during their...

Carlson Family’s Spring Session

Hannah, Anders, and their kiddos are so dear to us. Fun fact: I used to play at the same violin studio as Hannah did in my childhood. I always wanted to be as good as she was. Fast forward to now and we have the joy of sharing the journey of motherhood and staying connected...

Belle Isle Engagement

Joe & Amy  I was talking with my mom one day a few weeks ago about our upcoming sessions and weddings. She asked about who we were going to be working with. I listed off names, some familiar to her and some not. When I got to Joe and his fiancé Amy, she smiled. My...

Elegant Spring Wedding

Colleen & Alejandro Gomez April 16th, 2021 The wind is blowing and the pink magnolia blossoms softly rustle.  As the sun peeks through the branches, Alejandro, the groom, is waiting. His bride, Colleen, is ready to see her almost-husband.  She taps him on the shoulder and he turns around to see her.  After a few...

Spring Maternity Session

Her hand is resting on her belly. His hand is resting on top of hers.  She’s carried their baby boy for 36 weeks and he’ll be in their arms so soon. Whitney and Nick, the happy couple, smile together as the sun shines through the trees. It finally feels like spring, a new beginning. They...

Life with S & R: Lucy Mae

As I sit with my baby girl here on my lap sleeping, I realize we haven’t updated our blog recently on our life! 2021 started off with a bang and it certainly hasn’t stopped! January 1st started off as peaceful Friday. By 2:35 am on January 2nd, we were holding our baby girl in our...

Intimate Ann Arbor Winter Wedding

The music begins to play. Harrison walks to the middle of his parent’s living room to dance with his wife, Monica. His family and friends are gathered around. Meanwhile, Monica’s family and friends are watching from Cape Town, South Africa, from the computer set on a chair. They embrace, spin, and move together as one....

Charming Outdoor Plymouth Wedding: Katelin & Chris

On a cold, windy night last winter, Ryan and I bundled up Michael and headed out to meet Katelin & Chris to talk about wedding photography. We got delayed due to multiple cars slipping and blocking the back roads. We finally got to the coffee shop and had a lovely chat with Katelin & Chris....

Holly Micro-wedding: Emmaleigh & Zachary

The anticipation was palpable. You could have heard a pin drop. Emmaleigh smiled and started to walk towards Zachary, her fiancé, as she told him to turn around. He turned around to see his beautiful bride walking towards him. It was just them in this perfectly intimate and beautiful moment. They embraced, tearfully, and there...

Chic & Classy July Wedding: Samantha & John

Samantha and John, the newlyweds, walked towards us as they smiled at each other. Their smiles are the I-can’t-believe-we-just-got-married smiles and are contagious. Then, we hear the quiet rhythmic sound of a downpour approaching. Fast. Ryan whips out the umbrellas for Samantha and John to huddle under as we rush towards the overhang by the...


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